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Brisbane City Council has released a ‘New Draft City Plan’, do you know how/if it will directly or indirectly affect you?

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Tip of the week #5 – Sick of telemarketers?

Are you being harassed by telemarketing companies? Trying to inquire about real estate but sick of the agents pestering you? Call them from a blocked line and register your number as a silent listing!

locked phone

RE: What can I do to stop my number from being sent? (Australia)

There are a number of ways to stop your number being transmitted when you make a call. Continue reading


Tip of the week #4 – Building & Pest

CombinedbuildingpestIn QLD it is quite normal for a potential purchaser to put in a contract on a property, then have that contract subject to a building and pest inspection. If the building and pest inspection comes back with problems big or small the purchaser will generally receive advice from their solicitor to offer the seller three main options: Continue reading